"Hi, I'm Connor, and this is a story about my life. Now, I work on the mainland on the LNER railway. That stands for London Northern Eastern Raiway!"

-Connor talking about the railway in the original opening

The LNER is a location in Quest 89. It is a large railway home to many places, people and engines.


The railway opened on Jaunary 1st in 1923. It covers the area north and east of London. It has numerous stations, shunting yards, ports and harbours, and quarries. Connor and Caitlin's passenger duties extend to one of the terminal's, King's Cross, from Barrow-in-Furness. Many engines from this railway came to Sodor, most of them being diesels. Some noteable ones would be, Diesel, D199 and Andy.

Season 1 Edit

Due to an engine shortage, Flying Scotsman had to take a goods train and Connor had to shunt it. Due to some broken points however, Connor derailed and fell onto his side. The controller, Mr. Railway Man, told Connor he would be scrapped the next day as it would be too expensive to fix him and continue to have him in service. Connor cried to Flying Scotsman about his problems later that day and the latter told him that he might find hope if he were to find 089.

The next day Charlie and Scruff took Connor to their repair yard, which was formerly the 08 Lab. Connor was to be modified, but this never happened as time was short. Connor left the railway that morning and arrived at the port. Connor was sent to Sodor via Bulstrode from their.

Season 2 Edit

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