"It's been so long, buddy, how ya doing?"

-Ivo Hugh to BoCo

Chase and Point is the twentysixth episode of Quest 89. It is the sixth episode of the third season. It is a two-part episode and this is the page for the first part.


BoCo arrives at the Ministry of Defense Railyard to find special help for the assassin crisis. He notices that some trucks are moving. The reason they're moving turns out to be Connor. He and Ivo Hugh, who are now working for the Ministry, say how long its been since the have seen BoCo. BoCo explains the situation with the Assassin, the Professor and the bombings, and Connor and Ivo agree to help. BoCo explains that a storm is coming and the two are welcome to ride on the ship that brought him there, since the Vicarstown Rolling Bridge is out of commision due to an engine being pushed into it, but Connor notes that him and Ivo have their own ship, Frank. The three set off later but get caught in the storm due to Frank barely having any fuel.

Back on Sodor, Thomas is waiting at the Skarloey Railway Transfer Yards with Bertram. Thomas is waiting for Freddie to arrive with eggs and butter that he must take to the market. Instead of the Freddie arriving though, two diesels Thomas hasn't seen in a long time arrive: Derek and Sidney. Thomas is shocked to see them and the two explain that they managed to escape before D199 had kidnapped most of the sodor diesels, brainwashed and cloned some of them, and created the Diesel Army. Before Thomas can say another word, everything seems to happen at once! Andy arrives and is quite pleased to meet two more diesel engines, Max and Monty arrive with the assassin and Officer Cody jumping out of each truck respectively, and Freddie arriving with Thomas' goods. The Assassin makes a mad dash across the tracks and gets hit by Freddie, but there barely a scratch on him! The latter steals Freddie and races off, causing Officer Cody to reluctantly steal Bertram and a chase begins.

The two race down the rails until Bertram pulls ahead and stops at a samll station with a crane. The Professor is waiting there with some explosives. After he boards Bertram, he heads off with the assassin once more. Freddie speeds up and bashes his way through the wreckage. He eventually goes fast enough to catch up to Bertram and pushes him off a pier at the Wharf. Officer Cody jumps down to see if he can find the Assassin and Professor but fails as the two are already gone. After mistaking that the two are dead, everyone breathes a sigh of releif as Freddie hauls Bertram out of the water and to the Steamworks and as Skiff the railboat sails home.

Meanwhile, Donald the Scottish twin is at Arlesdale. After ballast from Bert's trucks is transfered to his train, Derek arrives. Donald is as suprised as Thomas to see him, but the reunion is short lived as Sidney crashes into Donald. Not far away, The Assassin and Professor talk to an acquantince of theirs: Sailor John. The latter wants money but the two have none and instead ask if they could exchange goods or services for John's oil. The sailor explains that he would like to have his old railboat, Skiff, back. The criminals agree as John provides them with transportation in the form of Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry. As the three head to Arlesburgh, so does Derek with Donald's ballast train in tow. As Elizabeth runs out of fuel, the Professor drives her onto Derek's train and smashes one of the cars, but gets a lift none-the-less.




  • Transfer Yards
  • Wharf
  • Arlesdale Junction
  • "Unknown location"


  • Ministry of Defense Railyard



  • Unlike previous two part episodes in Quest 89, both parts of this episode are considered the same episode. Example is Betrayal with part one being episode 6 and part two being episode 7
  • The episode title is a play on words of the phrase "case and point"
  • This is the first appearance of the Narrow Gauge Railway as well as the Small Railway in Quest 89.


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Chase and Point Part 1 (26)

Chase and Point Part 1 (26)

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