"How'd you like it if we put a bullet hole in you?"


Chase and Point is the twenty-seventh episode of Quest 89.


James arives at the airfield with some passengers and sees Tigermoth. The grumpy bi-plane complains that he's grounded as Derek passes by. James is suprised to see the diesel as he thought the latter had perished. Derek continues along with Elizbeth, the Assassin and the Professor stowed away on his train. Derek almost reaches Alresburgh, but then breaks down due to his infamous engine troubles. Just as the professor gets upset, Sidney arrives and agress to help Derek make it to the station. Mometns before they arrive, Skiff the railboat sails back to onto the rails and into his shed. Once they arrive, Sidney shunts Derek into a shed and shunts the train into a siding. Derek thanks Sidney while the criminals back Elizabeth down a ramp and get out to find Skiff. Once they believe nobody is watching, the two criminals crawl towards behind the ramp and shoot a workman. Another one flees and Sidney does the same. The assassin is ready to get Skiff and get out, but he notices the professor is gone. His comrad returns from Elizabeth with his walking stick and becomes mystified by two trucks. The assassin becomes confused but the professor explains that the trucks are full of a rare mineral called Incredidite. Incredidite is resistant to all forms of destruction and found only far below the Ffarquarh Quarry. The professor explains that he has assigned the other gang members to mine the material as the mastermind needs it for a sort of device. Moments later the criminals confront a confused Skiff and before the latter can wrap his mind around what is happening, the criminals hoist his sail, turn him around and sail off to Sailor John. Later that evening, Sidney arrives at Tidmouth Sheds where the Steam Team is resting. The criminals sail through on Skiff right past the sheds. Duck points this out and Thomas urges Sidney to stop them as the steam engines can't move due to their fires being out. Sidney pursues the criminals to Knapford. The professor becomes worried, but the assassin tells him not to worry as he shoots a crate of explosives and blows up Knapford Station. Sidney barely makes it through alive and smashes through a crossing gate. The criminals attempt to shoot Sidney, but Derek blocks the shot by racing in front of it and crashing off the rails. Sidney asks him if he'll alright and Derek says he will. The criminals reach the top of a hill and reposition the sail to use it as a battering ram. Sidney rams Skiff from behind and sends the three down the hill. The sound of the bang wakes up Lloyd who is sleeping with the pack. Llyod tries to wake the others up, but fails and decides to inspect the noise himself. Seconds later the railboat and diesel engine race toward him and knock him off the rails. Up ahead, a bridge is out. Sidney's driver tries to stop the diesel, but he can't. The railboat and criminals fly off the edge, but luckily Sidney is finally able to stop just in time. The criminals escape and deliver Skiff to Sailor John. Early the next morning, Stephen Hatt congratulates Sidney and Derek for trying their best to stop the criminals. Hatt asks Officer Brown if he wants to help with some work, but the police officer declines and says he has other things to do. Not long after this, the criminals arrive at Sailor John's oil rig, claiming that it's finally payday.




  • Arlesburgh
  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Knapford Station
  • Viaduct
  • Main Line
  • Oil Rig
  • Vicarstown Dieselworks (mentioned)


  • This was the last episode of Quest 89 to be made before the second hiatus lasting from December 2015 until April 2016


  • Oliver appears at the sheds at the start of the chase and then again at the viaduct at the end.



Chase and Point Part 2 (26)

Chase and Point Part 2 (26)

The episode