"I thought you were one of those LNER Pirates."

-Crabbestal to 089

Crabbestal is a minor character in Quest 89


Not much is known about Crabbestal accept that he commanded The Iceberg Fleet, and was killed by Mr. Railway Man. His ghost, as well as the other ghosts of his fleet, now protect the icy area of the sea between Tankopia and the rest of Europe. His white, ghostly apperance makes him easy to hide among icebergs.

The Origins of 089 Edit

Frank, and 089 eoncountered Crabbestal, and his fleet in the midst of the icy seas. The latter tried to explain to the two that Mr. Railway Man should not be trusted, but The Controller himself appeared moments later and managed to capture 089, and throw Frank off course.


Crabbestal mainly kept to himself throughout his life, but became enemies with Mr. Railway Man and the "LNER Pirates". Even as ghosts, he is great friends with his fleet. Crabbesrtal is protective as well, but was friendly once he got to know Frank, and 089.



The Origins of 089


  • Crabbestal's model is a Take n' Play Captain covered in cotton balls.
  • Crabbestal's name was never mentioned. It was thought of on the spot by Thomasfan 89 after The Origins of 089.