"Enemy fighters coming at us!"

Harvey to Connor

Dediction is the 12th episode of Quest 89 and is the second episode of the second season.


A devistated Connor lumbers out of the diesel fortress as it begins to self destruct. He notifies Ivo Hugh about Charlie's death and that his jet engine is destroyed. Hugh calls in a friend, Gold Leader, to help escape. Connor, Percy and Harvey escape on the Road/Rail Transport as Thomas and Hugh escape on with Gold Leader. Down the road the team is ambushed by Splatter and Dodge, trying to avenge their master. Harvey detaches his car and jumps onto the next road. He smacked Splatter of the flat car and continues to speed up. Ivo Hugh hijacks a 2-ton energy cannon and blasts Dodge's Lorry and flat-car. Percy is knocked of the transport but is rescued and Ivo Hugh jumps back to the flatcar. Connor then notices the bridge ahead is out and everyone braces for impact. Harvey lands right-side up and manages to help the team up and into The Portal. Gold Leader stays behind and speaks to 089 about Charlie's death. 089 then senses something terrible happening. The diesel army has a new master...




  • This marks the final apperance of the Road-Rail Transporter



Dedication (12)

Dedication (12)

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