"Shut up, Lloyd."


Down by the Docks is the twenty-fifth episode of Quest 89 . It is the fifth episode of the third season.


Down by the Docks picks up exactly where Attack of the Assassin left off. Just as Professor's Gang re-enters the brakevan, Thomas bursts through the shed and pushes the van, flatbed and Toby off the rails. A sergeant emerges from Thomas' cab with a rocket launcher and advises the latter to back away incase things get deadly. Professor and the assassin quickly dodge a rocket that blasts down a huge sign. The two make a run for it as the sergeant is crushed by a crane. The two villians warn everyone that if they tell anyone of their prescene in the scrapyard, they will be destroyed. Thomas then declares he will head to the police station.

The next day, Andy begins his first job at Knapford Harbour: shunt troublesome trucks. The trucks mistake him for Diesel 10, as they both look simillar and begin to make fun of him. Andy, filled with anger, reverses to find a large frontloader. He begins to state his name, which turns out to be longer than expected, so Andy nicknames him Lloyd. Lloyd's driver asks a worker if he knows where the Clay Pits are, but the workman is killed by the assassin. Officer Cody notices this from his position on a water tower and climbs down to attempt to stop the latter. He jumps into Harold the helicopter to chase the assassin, but the assassin uses his last bullet to jam Harold's rotors. Harold informs Cody of this and tells him to jump. Cody does just that and kicks the assassin off his perch on a crane and onto the ground. The assassin hijacks Max the dumptruck and speeds off while Cody pursues the latter in Max's twin, Monty.



  • The line "Look kid, are you gonna tell me your name or just stand there? You're taking up a lot of dock." is a reference to Chance's line from The Origins of 089, "Look kid, are you gonna tell me your name or just stand there? You're taking up a lot of track."
  • The worker that speaks to Lloyd's driver is a homage to Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy.
  • The episode title is a reference to the Thomas and Friends song of the same name.
  • Officer Cody is introduced in this episode but isn't named.



Down by the Docks (25)

Down by the Docks (25)

The episode.