"War is happening, Toby."


Edward is a minor character in Quest 89.


Edward is one of the oldest engines on Sodor. He's a wise and kind engine, always willing to help an engine in need. Especially if they get stuck on a hill! He also appears to have knowledge of 089

Season 1 Edit

Ivo Hugh interrogated Edward to see if he knew anything about 089. Edward imagined that if information about 089 was revealed, his mission could be jeapordized. Edward told Ivo he knew nothing about 089.

Season 2 Edit

Edward discussed the whereabouts of Connor and the others with other members of the steam team. He tried to calm down the other engines, mainly Henry, when the worried about what could have happened to their friends. He told everyone to prepare for war and became frustrated when everyone hid. Later that day, Murdoch mentioned that Edward would take Gordon's passenger train since Gordon was off the rails. Before Edward could do so however, the Diesel Army arrived. Edward, along with Henry, James, Toby, Duck, Whiff, Stanley, Hank, Hiro, and Porter tried to push back the diesels, but failed. Edward even lead the charge, but couldn't stop them. The army was only stopped by 089 and Lady , who showed up after the steam engines were defeated.

Edward was seen taking a train during a flashback in Battle of the Brave Brothers.

Not long before the events of that episode, Edward was kidnapped along with a majority of the steam engines on Sodor. D199 planned to melt down all the engines, but he was stopped by the 08S. He was latered rescued by Ivo Hugh during a large battle that ended the diesel conflict.


Season 1

00 Hugh

Season 2

Steam Search Part 1Battle of the Brave Brothers (cameo)


  • Edward appears to know 089. It is unkown how this is possible