Gerard is a small diesel engine who serves Timothy.


At some point before the events of the third season, Gerard met The Mastermind and became his servant. It is also likely that Gerard was abandoned at some point, as the word SCRAP is seen on his sides and he appears to be in poor condition.

Season 3Edit

When P.T. Boomer attempted to contact his master, Gerard answered the call instead explaining that he was the latter's servant. Gerard then passed a message onto his boss.

Gerard went to collect 089 at the Vicarstown Rolling Bridge, but he was pushed aside by the latter. After Gerard caught up to 089, he told the latter the location of his base out of fear. Later, 089 fought Timothy and shoved him off of a cliff. Gerard then emerged from the shadows and did the same to 089. His driver then activated a computer program, which sent missiles flying towards an Oil Rig. Lady then arrived and shoved Gerard off of the cliff. The latter's only moment of triumph due to betrayal only lasted moments before he fell to his demise.


Not much was known about Gerard, aside from the fact that he is very loyal to his master. This was then proven false, as Gerard betrayed Timothy and his associates at the last second. Gerard lived his life as a coward, and presumably died as one too.


Season 3

The Ones Who Know Part 3The Road to Sodor


  • Gerard's model is a Mavis model with the sideplates removed, and painted green.


Gerard's Theme

Gerard's Theme

Gerard's Theme