"I......I don't 'ave a name...."

Gunner to 089

Gunner is a main character in Rails of Europe.

Gunner was created on a unknown date many years before Connor arrived on the LNER. He was captured at one point along with Clewp and sent to Sodor. The two teamed up with 089 during the first conflict of the Diesel Army. He then joined the british military, despite being scotish. He fought many battles alongside his valiant driver and fireman. After his retiriment, Gunner traveled to the SLER and met up with his old friend Clewp. The two are still friends and work on the SLER to this day.


  • Gunner made a cameo in episode 2 of Quest 89. Thomas fan has confirmed this as cannon.
  • Gunner got his name from Clewp, as he weilded a gun in a battle against the Diesel Army

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