"Name's Hugh...Ivo Hugh"

-Ivo Hugh parodying James Bond while wearing his glasses

Ivo Hugh's glasses are a pair of glasses in Quest 89.

Ivo Hugh's Glasses
Ivo Hugh wearing his glasses
Type Glasses
Made By Unknown
Made Of Unknown
Made at Unknown, likely someone at British Intelligence
Status Working condition, but whereabouts are unknown
When used • Locate people, engines and objects

• Make you look cool :3

Purpose Help Ivo Hugh in the field
Color scheme
frame and black lenses
First Appearance
00 Hugh


Ivo Hugh's glasses were created for Ivo Hugh while he was in the field working for British Intellegence.

Season 1 Edit

Ivo wore the glasses to help locate Splatter and Dodge the day they were pursuing Percy. Percy was greatful, but Ivo wasn't, as he was not sucessful in getting info about 089. Ivo couldn't put the latter's coordinates into the glasses, as the glasses don't track "magic" objects. Ivo interigated Edward in the glasses, and got a glimpse of 089. Ivo could have gotten a lot of use out of the glasses, but he gave them to Frank in exchange for a ride to New Zeland to rescue Thomas. It is unknown what Frank did with them after that. He likely lost them.


Season 1

00 HughBetrayal Part 1Betrayal Part 2


  • The glasses were made of painter's tape and the shading was done with a pen
  • A reason the glasses havent been seen in a while is because Nick lost them, but a story reason has not been given. Theoretically, Frank should still have them lying around somewhwere.