Jenny Packard is the head of 'The Pack', or, The Sodor Construction Company.


At some point before the events of the third season, Jenny Packard obtained numerous construction vehicles and brought them together in a construction team called, The Pack.

Season 3 Edit

Jenny Packard attended a meeting with other buisness owners and figureheads of Sodor, at which Sir Stephen Topham Hatt informed everyone about an assassin. Packard was told by Hatt to have her machines build a warehouse for storing weapons to confront the assassin with. The latter attacked the construction site and everyone fled the scene.

Jenny later purchased Lloyd off-screen. She also helped with the rebuilding of Knapford Station off-screen.


Not much is known about Jenny Packard. She is friendly though and takes pride in her work.


Season 3

Maiden Voyage (does not speak) • StressAttack of the Assassin


  • Jenny Packard helped out with the rebuilding of Knapford Station, but was not shown on screen.

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