"Alright, 089, time to meet your doom!"

-D199 to 089

The LNER Scrapyard is a location in Quest 89.


The LNER Scrapyard was likely built long before the Locomotive Wars. Just like any other scrapyard, it's purpose is to melt down old machinery and metal so it can be taken away to be made into new things. This scrapyard is located at a faraway part of the LNER and was only visited by the diesel engines.

Season 2 Edit

Once he became general, D199 began using the LNER Scrapyard as a weapons testing facility. Here he created the Fire-arm and tested it on Porter . But it all went wong when 089 came in to stop him. D199 hid in a shed as 089 rescued Denton. The scrapyard eventually burnt to a crisp.

Once the fire burnt itself out, Dart came in via truck to rescue D199.


Season 2

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