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"Alright, 089, time to meet your doom!"


The LNER Scrapyard was a scrapyard.


The scrapyard was a collection of structures surrounding two turntables. A crane, oil derrick, and shed were the most prominent buildings, but there was also a bridge. 


The LNER Scrapyard was  built long before the Locomotive Wars.

Season 2 Edit

Once he became general, D199 began using the LNER Scrapyard as a weapons testing facility. Here he created the Fire-arm and tested it on Porter . But it all went wong when 089 came in to stop him. D199 hid in a shed as 089 rescued Denton. The scrapyard eventually burnt to a crisp.

Once the fire burnt itself out, Dart came in via truck to rescue D199.


Season 2

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