"Let's split up and take 'em down!"


Lazer Pistols were weapons used in Quest 89.

Lazer Pistol
Bert using a Lazer Pistol
Type Gun
Made By Mr. Railway Man and Mr. Green
Made Of Steel and gold dust
Made at Diesel Headquarters II
Status Unknown
When used Through the power of gold dust, the weapon levitates onto the engine's running board and is able to shoot lasers at the desired target
Purpose Self defense of Diesel Army troops
Color scheme Black with a
First Appearance
The Origins of 089


At the Diesel Headquarters II , Lazer Cannons were made, along with Lazer Pistols. The guns were forged with Gold Dust: a magical substance with powers unknown. With this power, the gun can levitate to the running board of whatever engine wants to use it. The engine can then fire the gun by using brainwaves. The amount of damage delt by the lasers is unknown, but one is responsible for the loss of Gunner's left eye. The guns were only used by the Diesel Army on one occasion and it is unknown what happened to them after the battle at the Vicarstown Dieselworks.


  • It is unknown what happened to the weapons after the events in The Origins of 089. It is likely they were destroyed by Clewp and Gunner.