Thomasfan 89, aka Nick, is the creator of Quest 89. 

Nick's current profile picture

Series ContributionEdit

Nick, the creator of Quest 89, films, makes the sets, custom models, edits, publishes, & writes all the episodes for Quest 89. He also voices a majority of the cast. 


Nick voices a wide majority of the characters in Quest 89, but the following are characters that he does NOT voice.


  • Nick's YouTube channel was impersonated on multiple accusations, by a user apparently called runawaykittens.
  • Nick refers to Connor as, "his child".
  • Nick is the head admin, & head editor for the Quest 89 Wikia.
  • Nick's Current Profile Picture was created by Sudrian Engine. He made a post on twitter asking his followers to say if they wanted him to make a collage/icon/profile picture for them. Nick being one of his followers, & liking the idea of Samaritan Engine doing this out of pure bordem, Nick Tweeted at him saying "sure!".