"Diesel and I have our, history..."

-Percy to Connor about Diesel

Percy is a character in Quest 89.


Percy worked on Sodor for many happy years until things got weird when he was secretly modified by Charlie for the Locomotive Wars . He's kind, and a friend to all, but don't underestimate him! He may be small, but he's mighty too. He can be quite cheecky to the big engines on Sodor as well.

Percy was part of Connor's team to find 089 He is slower than Thomas, but smarter than Ivo Hugh. He helps in the mind, not much pushing diesels off the tracks. He once had to be rescued by Ivo when he was being chased by Splatter and Dodge. He isn't sure if 089 is real, but he assumes Connor told the truth. Percy travelled with the others to Tankopia and the LNER to stop the Diesels from destroying steam kind. He, Connor and the others stoped them and went back to Sodor.

After the wars he returned to live his normal life on Sodor, but was accused of murder after a tragic accident nine years later. He even met a posessed engine!

After all of this, a new threat arrived on Sodor one year later: The Assassian and the Professor's Gang...


Percy is niceto all engines unless they show signs of hostility, so with that being said he has many friends such as Thomas, the rest of the steam team and the majority of the engines on Sodor. He is on good terms with the controller of the railway as well. The only engines Percy dislikes are the diesels, and not just because they eventually tried to take over Sodor and rid the world of steam.


Season 1

Leaving the MainlandConnor, Coal and Crashes00 HughBetrayal Part 1Betrayal Part 2Connor V.S. DieselRetrieving the MapThe Quest Begins

Season 2

The Diesel ArmyDedicationThe GrudgeJourney Through the MoonlightSteam Search Part 1 (mentioned) • Steam Search Part 2Love and MagicShaftedBattle of the Brave Brothers

Season 3

All of Percy's third season appearances will be listed here once Season 3 is completed.


coming soon


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