"You'll find friends soon enough. . ."


Personal Game Part 1 is the first half of the twenty-eighth episode of Quest 89


Andy is working, and complaining, at the Knapford Station building site. He wants to go back to the mainland, but when Sir Topham Hatt arrives, Andy convinces him to take a train, as he has gotten bored shunting. Andy sets off to Wellsworth, meeting Stephenson's Rocket on the viaduct. The latter does not know his name, and this upsets Andy.  Andy bonds with Stephen over the fact that they have both been very lonely in their lives, Stephen in the past, Andy in the present. Upon arriving at Wellsworth, Andy meets Edward , who does not know his name. Andy is upset once more, and backs into a siding to take a break from his work. There, he meets Jay, a troublesome truck. For once in his life, Andy finds somebody he connects with on a deeper level, someone he relates with. The two swap stories until Edward arrives to collect Jay for a train. Andy is left alone, but Jay tells him to meet him at the washdown that evening. Later, Andy shunts a passenger train for BoCo, disscussing the day's events with the latter. Andy eventually decides he should try to get noticed, that way he could have more friends. Sir Stephen Topham Hatt arrives shortly later, informing Andy that his controller no longer requires him, and Andy is now a permanent member of the North Western Railway. BoCo sets off, leaving a very upset Andy outside of Wellsworth Station.




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Personal Game - Part 1 (28)

Personal Game - Part 1 (28)

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