"Well, I'd like you. . .to meet the team. . ."

-The Professor in Attack of the Assassin


Sometime after the Locomotive Wars, Professor's Gang was founded.

Season 3 Edit

After stealing Toby, as well as some weapons from Brendam Docks, the Assassin and the Professor arrived at the scrapyard where the latter introduced him to the gang. Thomas, with help of General Phoenix Brown, attacked and split up the gang.

They will appear in The Ones Who Know.



  • Although introduced in episode 24, the majority of the gang does not appear again until five episodes later.
  • Many of the members have nicknames based on their appearance, (Ex. Wirez since he has wires running through him, Hatty because he wears a hat, ect.)
  • The names also have some steryotypes (Ex. Ching Chong because he looks Asian, Fatman because he's fat, ect. The names are just played as jokes and in no way represent the opinions of Thomasfan 89.)


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