"Alright, let's do it!"


Ronno was the co-founder of the 08S.


Season 2 Edit

089 watched a video about the 08S filmed by Ronno, but he was shot and killed off-screen during the video.

Season 3 Edit

After 089 blacked out during his fight with Timothy, he saw visions of the dead people and engines that had helped him throughout life, including Ronno. The latter encouraged 089 to keep fighting and told him that he was not a failure.


Not much was known about Ronno, accept for the fact that he co-founded the 08S with Charlie and Lady .


Season 2

Love and Magic (Face isn't shown, doesn't speak)

Season 3

The Road to Sodor


  • Ronno was to be the main character of 089, a prequel series to Quest 89, but the series has been cancelled.


(Coming soon)

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