Season 3 is the third season of Quest 89. It was intended to have twenty episodes at first, but later was changed

to the standard ten episode format. There was a major change that did happen however though, LEGO minifigures will be used instead of the large, wooden Thomas Wooden Railway figures. It shall also be noted that this season will have more continuity and dark tones.


  1. Man in the Shadows  - 089 and Lady return to Sodor after a decade of peace, only for a new foe to emerge, and for Toby to be out out of commision.
  2. Maiden Voyage - 089 attempts to pull his first train, but fails horribly, now leaving two engines out of commision.
  3. Stress - Stephen Hatt, the railway controller, tells his engines that he is trying to take care of the new villians, the assassin and the professor, and befriends a police officer, Officer Brown.
  4. Attack of the Assassin - With two engines down, Hatt borrows a new diesel, while the assassin leads out various attacks and meets his new team.
  5. Down by the Docks - Thomas attempts to stop Professor's Gang with help of General Phoenix, and fails, but rescues Toby in the process. Andy the new diesel attempts to adjust to his new job, while the assassin is pursued by a police officer, Officer Cody.
  6. Chase and Point (Parts 1 and 2) - Connor and Ivo Hugh head for Sodor to straighten the assassin out, old friends make a reappearance, and the villians attempt to steal Skiff the railboat in exchange for resources.
  7. Smudger (Episode) - Destruction not only affects Hatt's railway, but Mr. Percival's as well, and the latter hunts down an old engine.
  8. Personal Game (Parts 1 and 2) - Andy the diesel makes one last attempt to find his place on Sodor, while Officer Cody reveals his past to Officer Brown.
  9. The Ones Who Know - After the assassin's team kills Thomas, Hatt is set over the edge, and sets out with a rag-tag team of allies to take the assassin down himself, while Andy assists Professor's Gang, and 089's repairs near completion.
  10. The Road to Sodor - All conflicts come to a close with showdowns galore, and the villian behind everything reveals himself to 089.

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Professor's Gang

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  • The finale of this season, The Road to Sodor, is a direct prequel to A Tale of Two Trains.
  • This is the first, so far, season to have the main villian be human, instead of a diesel engine.