"That one can't even hold a gun properly! Ronno would never approve!"

-Spike to Metalchest

Spike is a member of Professor's Gang


Sometime before the events of the third season, Spike befriended the Professor and joined his gang.

Season 3 Edit

​Spike met with the other gang members in the scrapyards for their introduction to the assassin. Although the meeting was interupted by General Phoenix, Spike escaped and survivied.  A while after this, Spike was assigned to train newer members of the gang, and became very frustrated when they didn't obey his orders, claiming Ronno would never approve. He was furious at Metalchest when he didn't help him, but quickly calmed down when the Professor arrived. Spike, along with Metalchest, Hatty, and the Professor, went out on a mission to kill Thomas, and succeeded. The next day, Spike was assigned to hijack BoCo's train with assistance of Andy, Wirez, Fatman and Metalchest. During this, Spike and Metalchest butted heads quite often, even breaking out into a fist-fight at one point. During the chaos that transpired during the end of the mission, Spike managed to stop the gantry crane and get the mission back on track.

Spike will also appear in The Road to Sodor.


​Spike is very aggresive and easily angered, especially when around Metalchest. The two clash often during missions, as Spike is very antagonistic and claims he is the leader when the Professor is not around. He is very quiet and respectful when the latter is around however. Spike also has a great deal of respect to Ronno, and admires him, wanting to be a great bounty hunter like him some day. Spike hates training new recruits and would rather stick to standard criminal operations.


Season 3

Attack of the Assassin (does not speak) • Down by the Docks (cameo) • The Ones Who Know Part 1The Ones Who Know Part 2The Ones Who Know Part 3The Road to Sodor


  • Spike's nickname comes from the fact that he weilded a spear with a sharp tip in the deleted episode, Payday. He no longer uses a spear, and instead weilds a gun.

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