"I shall rule with the heart of Goliath, and we shall stop this 089!"

-D199 to the Diesel Army

Steam Search Part 2 is the sixteenth episode of Quest 89.


Denton is hosting a Diesel Army meeting, but is interuppted by D199 and Spencer. Spencer brings in the Flying Scotsman, who asks where the steam enignes that once populated the LNER are at. D199 reveals the engines Scotsman speaks of were pushed into the sea. D199 gives a motivational speech as a sad Denton puffs away. It is revealed that Harold was spying on everyone the whole time and he flies off to get SirTopamHatt, while shooting down some diesels.  D199, Splatter and Dodge run off to take cover. Whie they are there, D199 tells the latter about their reconstruction, without knowing Connor, Thomas, Percy, Ivo Hugh, and 089 are watching him. After the diesels leave, Scruff arrives with some wall barricades for Harvey to unload. During this, 089 explains his past to the others. That evening, back on Sodor, Hiro is searching for the missing engines. He is then cornered by D199, Splatter and Dodge, but Harold convientely swoops in to save the day by killing Splatter and Dodge. D199 is a bigger engine, so he survived...




  • LNER Sheds
  • Mainline

Tankopia (flashback)Edit


This episode is the first of a few thingsEdit

  • The first episode to use stock footage
  • The first episode to use green-screnn effects
  • The first episode where D199 takes control of the Diesel Army
  • The first appearance of the LNER Sheds since episode 2

This episode also marks the last of a few thingsEdit

  • The final apperances of Splatter and Dodge, as they are killed by Harold.
  • Denton's last episode of having a cold.
  • Denton's last episode of being general of the Diesel Army, as D199 takes over with his motivating speech, slowly shifting denton to the good side...



Steam Search Part 2 (16)

Steam Search Part 2 (16)

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