"Oi Connor, this ones out of ammo!"

"Use the crates in the back, it's the best we got!"

Ivo Hugh to Connor

The Diesel Army is the eleventh episode of Quest 89.


Ivo Hugh brings the team on a mission to a Diesel Fortress. He takes the road with Connor's tender and his jet engine while the others use the road rail transport. Before arriving, Ivo is messaged by BoCo to reassure the situation. Seconds later a mysterious diesel closes the crossing gates and Ivo crashes. He arrvies at the diesel fortress later and reunites with the others. They then storm into the base. Connor and Ivo Hugh head for some machine gun turrets while Thomas, Percy and Harvey are lifted by a crane to try to lower a lift platform. Ivo Hugh's turret has no ammo so Connor suggeststo use cratesof ammo. Ivo Hugh instead SPITS on his apponent. Meanwhile Thomas texts Mr. Railway Man hate mail and Harvey becomes confused. Harvey approaches Thomas, but falls off the platform and the momntum begins to shake the floor and destroy the support beams holding up the platform. Harvey remains crushed but okay and Thomas and Percy jump back onto the crane. The computer Thomas was trying to hack fallsto the floor and smshes, lowering the lift. Connor meets Diesel, but this time the latter is surrounded by golden energy. Before Connor gets blasted by the energy, Charlie pushes Diesel off the edge of a ledge, but falls with him. As the two burn and sink in a pool of lava, Charlie says he was proud to have fought alongside Connor, who is part of the resistance to the Diesel Army. Connor remains frozen in shock.




  • Crossing Gate

Diesel Mining StationEdit

  • The Computer
  • The Lift
  • Lava Room


  • 089, Brad and Chance appear in the background of one shot, but this is non-cannon. It was just a promotion for The Origins of 089
  • This is the 11th episode and it was uploaded on the 11th day of October



The Diesel Army (11)

The Diesel Army (11)

The episode